1. "With the bigger cost of checking in your bags in recent times, we advise  packing very lightly and minimally! ( this will save you an extra bag or multiple bags, in turn saving you money ) . Take advantage of the cruise’s laundry facilities. Laundry services on the cruise ships now days are very affordable and cheap, and your clothes will look clean and renewed compared to being wrinkled in your suitcase. 2 people could easily save $60 to $110 on luggage fees alone. That would cover a good bit of laundry, allow to you spend or save a little more"
  2.  Another method on saving money on your next vacation cruise is to simply make a mindful effort not to be taken in by all the alcohol hawkers, auctions, 1 day only  jewelry deals, the specialty restaurants, or pastry shops on the first night. This can suck up a lot of money on your first day, which will diminish your budget very  quickly." –
  3. Megaships can hold more than 5,000 travelers – that’s a bunch of rooms to fill up.Book early for the greatest deals on the megaships. Some pricing for 7 nights are $700 per person if you look right and are patient.
  4. If you’re up for the risk on sailing during Hurrican Season, you can save BIG! For instance, Carnival has unbelievable deals: 7-night  aboard the newly renovated Carnival Liberty only begins at $360 per person for an inside cabin on the Sept 22. sailing round-trip from Miami. That's about$60 per person a day.
  5. And of course, sneak alcohol on your cruise. Our product makes it easy, undetectable by x-rays, remains very hidden in your luggage, and will probably be the best tip I can provide! You can choose your very own preferred alcohol, rather than spending $7 per drink you can bring as much as your own alcohol as you please. Sneaking alcohol on a cruise has never been easier.
What, save money? That must of got your attention. This economy has affected everybody around the world, one way or another. Saving up to go on a cruise is expensive as it is, and cruising has become so popular becuase of the all inclusive food, the only thing not inclusive is soda and alcohol!! let's face it, your trapped on the boat for days at a time, your gonna need some alcohol at some point! But first time cruisers don't realize how much their bill will be at the end of their cruise until they receive it! If you read the back of your cruise card, it say's 15% gratuity is automatically charged on all beverages. With a single beer costing $6 on it's own, the cost will add up tremendously. There are few ways of successfully bringing your own alcohol on a cruise, and if your clever enough, you might pull it off. Using listerine bottles is a bad idea because the Listerine taste always remains, which will get you sick. Using our pouches alone are virtually undetectable and will almost always pass through all security! Our pouches are BPA FREE and are alcohol safe, and are also made of food grade materials. If you read this, use coupon code "BLOGREADER" for 15% off your next order. You are probably here because you are interested in saving some money on your hard earned vacation. There is no shame in bringing your own alcohol onto your cruise! After all the only reason cruise lines do not allow their cruisers to bring their own alcohol is because alcohol is such a big time money maker for them! For those of you that have cruised before, it's not a secret how much money alcohol adds on to your final bill! Sometimes it can be up to 50% of your expenses on board! We stand by our products and if you have any questions feel free to contact us in the contact section of this website. Happy cruising!