Happy Thanks Giving.. well, tomorrow! Here is a secret coupon for 25% off that expires tomorrow, code: thanksgiving123 For those of you cruising soon, grab your flasks now and bring your own alcohol on board!  We will ship out your product same day. Happy cruising! Fun places to bring your flasks! o Camping o Hiking o Beach o A friends house o Concert o Event o Basketball game o Football game o Volleyball game o Soccer game o Movies o Family event o Birthday o Bar hopping o Party o Bonfire o Wedding   All of these are fun places to bring your  portable plastic flask ! Of course there are many other places you can bring ALCAPOUCH, these are just a few to name. Don't forget our flask can be washed, put in the freezer (if you decide you want to make a slushy), NO metal,nickel or aluminium which means this can not be detected by a metal detector. Since ALCAPOUCH is dishwasher safe and can contain hot and cold liquids This plastic flask is handy for pretty much everything Soda,Juice,Tea you name it ALCAPOUCH can do it. Do you have some vacation days or airline miles racking up? Do you know the average paid vacation in America is 12 days and the average American doesn't even use half of those. Americans have the least amount of vacation days per year among the countries surveyed, earning only 14 days vs. 24 days in Great Britain, 26 days in Germany, 30 days in Spain and 36 days in France. So If you want to travel .. get away or just go on a mini vacation, go for it, you deserve it. This is where ALCAPOUCH can come in handy. You will be able to sneak alcohol on a cruise and save even more money! One last thing you will have to worry about! Take a look at some of these reasons as to why you should use all of your vacay-days! o A vacation or getaway will help you live up to 20 % longer. o A survey of 12,000 men between ages 35 and 57, found that men who go on vacation every year reduce their overall risk of death by 20 %. o Women who don’t take regular vacations are 3 times more likely to be depressed than their vacationing counterparts. o Stress can break down your immune system and has been shown to increase your odds of suffering from colds,headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and of course irritability. o Are you BURNT OUT ?Study shows it takes at least 2 weeks off, to reap the benefits. o Sleep Better – A study found that people who take a frequent vacation experience better sleep after taking a break from work and are 30-40% more alert when they return. o Relaxation: Vacations break our day-to-day routine. o Spontaneous: When you travel you tend to try things your probably wouldn't if you were at home, this returns a sense of adventure to our life and improves our self-esteem. o Time stands still: The best part is when we get completely lost in the moment. Now go head, take a look at our products! Most importantly, save money by sneaking alcohol on a cruise! I am sure as most of you know using your AAA card or of course your senior discount can be extremely beneficial when your trying to save a little bit of money. Another little trick, If you are somewhat close by to a college you can let hotels know that “you are touring the colleges” ask if they can provide any discounts for this. You would be surprised.. in many cases this works.   Ask – Sometimes smaller hotel chains are willing to give you free upgrades (or even free nights). If you already have a reservation booked elsewhere, call them up and tell them that you would consider changing if you can get an additional night free. Duty Free – Many airports and cruises have duty free shops that you can take advantage of. This could be the best time to buy alcohol.. clothes..  and much more. Tax free is ... that's a great deal!! Go to the Grocery Store – Take a trip to the market and get a few basics. Instead of going to the down stairs lobby or having to “stop really quick to grab a bite to eat” take a pit stop and get a few grocery's  Even if you are away from home, chances are high that there are grocery stores where you are traveling to. It’s worth it to take a trip there and get snacks, water, and everything you need for your trip. You can even get sandwich meat and bread if you have a refrigerator in your room and save the money you would spend on a “quick bite” for a nice dinner on the town. When you are browsing online instead of looking at your point of intrest take a look at nearby cities. Sometimes the smaller towns close to where youre going might have hotels that are much less expensive. If you don’t mind the 15 minute ride, you might just save a bundle. Tourists usually take taxis since it’s the laziest way and the more obviouvs way to get from point A to B. Consider the subway or buses because it’s sometimes easier and it is much cheaper. This is also a unique way to sight see and meet locals. Chances are good that if the hotel doesnt have a free contential breakfast then the restranunt at the hotel is expensive and isn’t that great. It probably pays to walk out the front door in the morning and find a local favorite. When you grab a bite to eat ask for some extra bread or crackers. You will be suprised how much it helps when your waiting on the runway or a flight is delayed. Getting off.. waiting and then getting back on a plane seems like a hassel and you might think connecting sucks but it sure saves you a good chunk of money doing it. Just take a few minutes to consider the idea don’t write it off right away.