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Thanks giving

Happy Thanks Giving.. well, tomorrow! Here is a secret coupon for 25% off that expires tomorrow, code: thanksgiving123 For those of you cruising soon, grab your flasks now and bring your own alcohol on board!  We will ship out your product same day. Happy cruising!

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Tips on saving money on your next cruise!

“With the bigger cost of checking in your bags in recent times, we advise  packing very lightly and minimally! ( this will save you an extra bag or multiple bags, in turn saving you money ) . Take advantage of the cruise’s laundry facilities. Laundry services on the cruise ships now days are very affordable [...]

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Save money!

What, save money? That must of got your attention. This economy has affected everybody around the world, one way or another. Saving up to go on a cruise is expensive as it is, and cruising has become so popular becuase of the all inclusive food, the only thing not inclusive is soda and alcohol!! let’s [...]

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